SEO description doesn't update in Google search

I changed the SEO descritpion of my website about a month ago but Google search still shows the old one. At the beginning I thought Google crawlers would need some time to update the metadata but I now fear there’s something else playing out here? I’m using netlify free hosting service btw. Any help or trick to try would be much appreciated :pray:

You can speed it up by indexing your site again and also upload an new sitemap.

Google has become ridiculously slow both at indexing and updating sites over the last year or so. It’s very frustrating, particularly when clients are naively expecting to be at the top of page one after a week.

Changing the Meta Description will not work only if it’s optimized based on the Keyword. Generally google shows the results based on user search showing the Bold letters. Hence, if in your meta description the keywords are not there, but your content is optimized to rank it for the Keyword, then the crawlers will automatically select the Meta-Description.

I Hope this Clarifies.


Hi @JonB

Simple question, have you submitted your site in Google’s search console? The console will tell you when the site was last indexed.

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