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Hello team,

I have a question about a project. On Wordpress I have no problem to do it but with Blocs, I have trouble to project and I have some simple questions. For those who already had this problem, do not hesitate to answer me :wink: For information I want to position myself on several cities and countries

1/ On a site we have a standard menu Home, Service, … contact but if we want to create pages specific to a city, department, country, … WHAT IS THE RIGHT METHOD?

a) Add additional pages on my site blocks without making it appear in the menu and introduce it on the sitemap. It’s a bit of an orphan page, isn’t it?

b) I create a menu CITY but I do not make it appear in the main menu and I create pages Blocks that I will link to the sub menu of CITY?

c) Other method? I am open to your suggestions.

Thank you for your help

The way I would optimize this (but SEO is not my main service I provide, disclaimer) is to create one general homepage, services page, etcetera.
Then I would create specific landing pages for each city/department/… but I would keep those out of the menu.

menu in this case:

  • home
  • services
  • contact

pages in reality:

  • home
  • services
  • contact
  • landingpage-city-a
  • landingpage-city-b
  • landingpage-city-c
  • landingpage-…

These landingpages would then basically be onepagers containing location-optimized info from the general pages.

Perhaps there are better ways to do it, but this is exactly how I would build this.

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Thanks for your feedback @brechtryckaert :wink: In the meantime, your answer matches my idea. I hope we’ll have more feedback to know if it’s the right practice especially.

I haven’t had the need to try this approach but I am curious to try out HTML Geolocation API.

Using this you can replace content based on location. And gives you a dynamic solution.

I’m curious if anyone here as used it or a similar approach.

You’re telling me something @Malachiman it would be great if someone tested it and got feedback on it. It would save me 20 pages :smiley:

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Give it a shot :grin:

This means that by location it could display the content of the page according to the location of the user. But in terms of referencing or google search we are not blocked in the sense that we will not be indexed since it is JS?

I’m not 100% sure how this will effect SEO. I was just thinking about that. No doubt it’s been discussed online somewhere.

If the location is not determined you have a fall back to your main branch for example.

I guess using this approach it’s still good to have a full list of locations somewhere. I haven’t really looked to far into it since I haven’t had to use it.

Thanks @Malachiman for your feedback :wink:

Once you implement it. Let us know how it works out


Either I use your api but I have to see if it is indexed which would surprise me or I do as I think and that @brechtryckaert confirmed my vision