SEO site search for images

I have noticed poor image search results for my website since using blocsapp, recently only finding 3 images.
In the past (using iWeb & then adobe muse) my website has done well with image search.


I have tried a few blocs websites from ‘built with blocs’ page & generally results are also low.

Any insight would be good. Andy

Might want to reconsider the alt-tags you gave those images. Here’s some info on that: Alt Text for Images — Examples & 2021 Best Practices - Moz

The alt tags should describe the image, not copy the file-name of the image.


I seem to recall this website and perhaps you have changed it, but at one time I believe the images were huge, which may have been a problem for Google.

I would echo the comments about the alt tags, which appear to be rather strange. Having alt tags like “Swedish style base corner.jpg” is about as useful as a chocolate teapot for Seo purposes. It tells me nothing.

One general observation I would make is that Google seems to be really slow lately at updating their indexes to reflect changes, let alone have sites go up the rankings and this has been causing me some frustration but it’s not Blocs.

This is just something Google are doing. I suspect they are also limiting how much they are willing to index from single sites to avoid having hundreds of images from a single source. Right now I am working on a new website that is over one hundred pages with a certain trepidation for how long it will all take to rank.

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The images are all compressed with image optim, maybe they need to be smaller. I think thaty are about 40-90 KB
I’ll take another look at Alt text.
Thank. Andy

That sounds a lot better on the image size, though obviously the pages can still become heavy if the image count is high, which could easily happen with multiple carousels. My hope is that Blocs will soon allow for WebP and AVIF with Jpg as a fallback, since those formats are typically a lot lighter than Jpg. Safari is the weak link here.

In this case I think the bigger issue will be the alt text. To give you an example, you could be using text like “victorian antique pine furniture chest drawers”. That tells us a lot more about the subject matter and strengthens the theme of the site, so it remains relevant. That will need to be mixed up for different pieces but you get the idea.

thanks Flashman. Andy