SEO Title Change

Hi, I am having difficulty with changing my SEO Title when Google Displays a search Result

This is the result Google displays - note that I have changed this more than a month ago. It should state Bike Delivery Services instead of Milly’s… These are my settings - am I missing something?

I know you haven’t invited comment, but I’d suggest that you redesign the site as a whole. The bright colour choices and large text sizes and lack of white space doesn’t present your service in the best professional light.

Thanks - this was all done on client request. not really my choice. But I agree

Thanks - so its my cache? I have cleared it but I dit not see the change? This is strange…

Hi, just did a cache clear - and searched again. Still sitting with the same result as in my first post. Also did this from my mobile to make sure - same result.

Bizarrely, I can’t replicate the google entry I saw yesterday again. I see what you see.

Did you submit the sitemap to google?

If you are using Safari it can hold on to caches. Try a different browser.

Deborah, I think you should have serious words with your client. The whole point of hiring a website designer is to listen to words of wisdom. Letting a client dictate what is a good or bad design is like buying a dog and barking yourself. I often have to dismiss clients who want me to create bad designs - I don’t want my reputation destroyed in order to pacify someone that doesn’t know what good web design is about. Better to lose the client than be tarnished with the clients bad design choices!