Server question

I’ve got a client that’s redirecting traffic from one domain to another. The IT department has changed the dns address but they say I need to put something on the new domain that accepts redirects. I can see how to point to another server using htaccess (it’s covered elsewhere on the forum) but I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing in this situation. Can anyone help?

For arguments sake, it’s http://www.myoriginalbloc dot com to http://www.mynewblock dot com. The html page addresses are the same on the new server.


If you use Cpanel, just go to redirects:

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Thank you. The server (outside of uploading files) hasn’t been in my ‘domain’. Isn’t this on the sending end though rather than the receiving one?

Yes normally yes is in the sending redirect you specify everything, on the receiving is just provide the website. But it could be something more…


Hi @sim

What I think they are referring to is using the wild card redirect. You are just redirecting the domain name but the rest of the URL remains the same right??

The wildcard redirect will redirect the to and then preserve the rest of the url.

You set it up in the same redirect option @Pealco mentioned.

Thank you. I don’t have access to their Cpanel but eventually (after 8 hours of the redirected site being marked as unavailable) they sorted it and when I politely enquired how they said it was via - Cpanel.

LOL, they just need to type the old domain, new domain and activate wild card and that’s it… 8 hours for that? Can I be your IT? I promise I only charge you 2 hours… :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: