Settings Blocs App colors / preferences


I purchased blocs recently.
I have a problem with the black background and reading the small letters which are not white on my screen but grey. I need help as I’ m “breaking” my eyes using the blocs app.
Can someone indicate me how to change the background color (from black to something light), the color and size of the fonts used in the app (more readable please).

For info: I use MacOS High Sierra on 27" iMac.

Me, and my eyes, thank you in advance.

Hi @tigerino welcome to the Blocs forum.

To my knowledge there is no current setting for changing the app to a “light theme”, “higher contrast theme” or alter the apps font size via basic user settings in the app. The developer @norm would need to state otherwise, or advise if such features will be provided in a future version for those people whom prefer or require it.

Could you share a screen shot of what you see please?

Im afraid there are no theme options in the current version.

Hi Norm
Thanks for your assistance.
Here’s a screenshot

Hi again,

I wanted to tweek the CSS but have difficulties finding where you put the background color / font colors and sizes. Can you help me out here?

You can’t style the blocs application interface controls with css.

Other option?
I would like to use blocs on my iMac

You can make all the text on your display bigger by reducing the apparent resolution of your display through macOS: this will make everything larger. It might help in the short-term.

Go to the Apple menu and choose System preferences. Click on Displays.
Go to Resolution and click Scaled (if you don’t see this, go to the Display tab first).
You will see one resolution icon selected. Click the one to its left (ie in the direction labelled Larger Text).

You will lose desktop space by doing this and it is system-wide but, hey, if you can then read the text it might be a good deal. You can cancel the effect by going back to your previous selection or by clicking the Default for display radio button.