Settings option not appearing after editing a form

Hi- I added a form and after exiting drop mode, moving to left border and left clicking, the settings panel is not showing up. (I read the user documents). It showed up once but I had to change the email settings and then I can’t get the settings option to appear again. I’ve created and deleted a contact page, quit blocs, restarted, several times, but no luck.

As always, I’m sure there is a really simple fix and that I’m doing something really stupid.

Thanks in advance.


It can be tricky at times and I don’t know if I’m helping any but I find clicking in-between the input boxes (within the form) allows me to get the settings for the form to appear…

Thanks- I tried it a couple more times and then noticed the breadcrumbs “form.” but had to click around for it to work. It’s working now.

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