Shadow on the nav bloc

I don’t get it to work. I only want to have a shadow on the nav bloc …I can set a class to the bloc and I see a shadow …but not in the browser and the preview …
I can set a shadow the the sticky nav that works after scrolling. But this is not want I want …only want to have a shadow without scrolling …any ideas ? :thinking:

There is a bootstrap class called


That you can add to the navbar. There also some variations of it.

hello if you just want a shadow when you don’t scroll add a custom class with the shadow then add this class and remove the shadow:


that must work perfectly.

Hi @nelo
thanks for your answer. I won’t also a shadow when scrolling. so I want to set up the same shadow … so you dont see that the shadow change when scrolling. thanks for the tipp

This class is the one that modifies the navigation shadow when you move, modify it to your liking with the same custom class that you add shadow.

note this class is only added to the class editor, it should not be applied to the menu.

so you can have the same shadow both in static and when moving

ok, I give it a try :slight_smile: