Hay Guys

As I have seen there is a Share Button for Twitter which can be implemented through Blocs.

I am now wondering if there is also an option to have a share buttons for other platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn an if they are not part of blocs if someone knows of any good and simple website where they can be created and the code implemented through the html option.

I have tried ShareThis but it does not seem to work.

Would be great if someone knows any good option in this regard :slight_smile:.


Can you register and get the ShareThis code and embed in an HTML bric from here?

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Here are the Screenshots of the two places where I have pasted the code snippets. I pasted one part in the header section of a page and the other one into the html box I have inserted beneath the image.

Is it possible that it is just not showing up because I am previewing locally. If I preview the page in Safari the area is just blank.

Thanks so much for the help. :slight_smile:

Yes I think it will work after you’ve published your site or exported to desktop :slight_smile: