Sharing Blocs projects on more than one computer

I have been working on an old Mac Pro on Mojave for all my Blocs projects and just saving them in a sites folder inside the main user area with full admin privileges. Yesterday I installed a new Mac mini running Catalina and I just copied everything across with no problems.

Over the longterm I plan on using the mini as my main computer, but keeping the Mac Pro as a production backup for as long as possible. I am wondering about the experience of others regarding the best i.e safest way of sharing projects, so I can work on one then pick it up on another if necessary?

The obvious solution seemed to be iCloud but I gather some have had issues like that in the past with missing assets etc. The computers are literally next to each other, so perhaps it would just be better to copy entire project folders over the local network via ethernet when needed. I’d just like to keep both computers up to date with projects.

I have to say, i use google drive as i have 3 macs I work on, IMAC at home, IMAC at the office and Mac Pro when mobile. I use google sync to ensure that its all done before switching off, and obviously all synced when switching on, I haven’t had any issues to be fair.

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New user here. I started using iCloud, but then switched to Dropbox. I did have issues until I discovered the “Embed Assets in Project File” setting :laughing:

I use 2 laptops and keep my projects on my iCloud Drive. Works brilliantly.

Did you have problems with iCloud? I used to use Rapidweaver and there was a time when the new trick was to store projects and addons in Dropbox. I tried it and it was great for a while until the day it wasn’t and it really messed up a project.

Given that the two computers are close by I am wondering if Airdrop might be a good option. That would be done without relying on sync issues with the Cloud and I could even use an Ethernet cable. On the downside you would have to be careful about versions.

That’s encouraging. I recall some users had issues, however I wasn’t clear on the reasons behind that.

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I use iCloud too, the only issue I had was historic. I haven’t found any iCloud related issues for a long time.

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I don’t like embedding assets and prefer to store them in a local resources folder within an overall project folder. That shouldn’t make any difference in theory. If I went this route I think I would end up saving a lot more version project files as a precaution.

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Yeah. I frequently duplicate projects in finder. I will often do that before launching a project.

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Never had any issues, though I only started with Blocs at the end of last year. I do make sure Blocs is closed and the project saved before switching to my other laptop. Maybe doing that consistently prevented issues for me, I assume.

blocs itself and assets works fine with a cloud drive. Just some brics assets do not work perfectly.

I think I am going to give iCloud a tentative try. At the moment I have a couple gigs spare in the free 5 gig plan, so I’ll try this with one or two projects and just see how it goes before committing to this more fully.

At the same time I’ll keep backups with SuperDuper, Blackblaze and Time Machine. It’s important to note that iCloud is not a backup as such, it’s a sync service. As a test I just opened a text document in Pages on both computers and wrote something. Seconds after saving it on one computer that edit appeared on the screen of the other computer. Relying on iCloud without backups seems risky.

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Totally agree.
I love iCloud as a general home/work/phone/iPad sync platform.
I also use as a superbly integrated (free) work-docks-only super secure storage location for backup of docs, and for folder sharing with clients.
But it’s time capsule AND and external HDD for time machine locations.
Finally another twice weekly automated docs backup to Google drive and a flash drive.
There’s so many disconnected locations my heads in a spin, but there all there somewhere!
But iCloud for constant here-to-there continuity.