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Hi Blocheads.

I have a line of text I would like to appear on page load, and then disappear after a defined time, say 5 secs.
I guess a blinking action with the colours reversed maybe. Is that possible?

If it can, I’m sure you wonderful people will know :wink:

Thank you,


Bloc’s sites already have JQuery present, so just us that in conjunction with setTimeout() - as just one method to accomplish this. If you need help a simple Google search of your query yields plenty of examples of just that.


All sorted thanks. It took a bit of fiddling and working out, but I got there.

1- wrap the text in a

brick with an ID ( in my case called’ italic-div’).
2- add script below to in page settings.
3- Only works on preview in browser.

<script> //When the page has loaded. $( document ).ready(function(){ $('#italic-div').fadeIn('slow', function(){ $('#italic-div').delay(6000).fadeOut(); }); }); </script>.