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Hi Blocheads.

I have a line of text I would like to appear on page load, and then disappear after a defined time, say 5 secs.
I guess a blinking action with the colours reversed maybe. Is that possible?

If it can, I’m sure you wonderful people will know :wink:

Thank you,

Bloc’s sites already have JQuery present, so just us that in conjunction with setTimeout() - as just one method to accomplish this. If you need help a simple Google search of your query yields plenty of examples of just that.

All sorted thanks. It took a bit of fiddling and working out, but I got there.

1- wrap the text in a

brick with an ID ( in my case called’ italic-div’).
2- add script below to in page settings.
3- Only works on preview in browser.

<script> //When the page has loaded. $( document ).ready(function(){ $('#italic-div').fadeIn('slow', function(){ $('#italic-div').delay(6000).fadeOut(); }); }); </script>.


Revisiting an old pic.
I have an italic div within a row, that I want to disappear after 6 seconds.
My code seems to no longer work and I done understand why.
I have this in the footer code area
Screenshot 2020-03-18 at 8.34.37 am

Added here

Any clues anyone?
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Jquery is now loaded after the page HTML, you will need to adjust your code to execute using vanilla JS.

You could try using

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(){
  // Run Code Here

Into add code - footer?
OK Not in Header.
In footer doesn’t work either.

Give the ID what you have before “italic-div”

  1. Go to page settings

  2. Press Add Code

  3. Add this code:

<script> //When the page has loaded. 
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(){
	$('#italic-div').fadeIn('slow', function(){ 

And voila…

By Jingo.
A cache clean didn’t work, but 30mm for the internet fairies to catch up and hey presto!
Hi @Pealco
This looks close to the same code a grabbed a screenshot of above.
When added to the footer, it works in preview but not live on a site.
As @Norm states, jquery is added after the html, so this seems to fail.
I’ll add this later and report back.

Nope, nothing.
In the big scheme of things this isn’t a big problem tho.

Remember to turn off lazy loading, and yes is working.
What @norm explain is that before, you call the function with this code (your code):

$( document ).ready(function(){

And now as @Norm explain:

So your code/function have to be called/run with this code:

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(){

In the end I just update your code with @Norm instructions, and is working.

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All’s well now thanks.

Spoke too soon!
Fail again :-1:t2:

That may have something to do with the Typewriter snippet no longer working.
I deleted that as I couldn’t be bothered to try to sort it out.

What happened with typewriter?

I could no longer get it to reliably work

If you need help you need to be more specific.
And then I could try to help you.

Hi @Pealco
I tried again and remembered.
It was more of a case I couldn’t work out how to style it to match my H and paragraph styles, and colours.

Maybe it isn’t SORTED. :thinking: