Should I wait for 2.4?


should I start my blocs-Project right now with 2.3.2 or wait until 2.4 comes out??
Does it make a difference?
My clients are eagerly waiting for something they can see…

Thanks for your advice!


I recommend 2.4 BETA 20.
It’s stable and I do all my work with it.


I agree with Bootsie, the latest beta is solid.


Same experience for me: No problems at all so far.


+1 with no issues, but I’ve a fairly plain site.


how did you get the sticky menu to go transparent like that?




Blocs 2.4 today released. :slight_smile:


Were is this to be seen?

Twitter - No
Community - No


We always do a silent rollout. After the dust settles usually within a week It’s shared via email, Twitter etc.


@pixelwork Just start 2.3 and it should tell you there’s an update available.
If not, open 2.3 and go in the menu “Blocs -> Check for updates…”


Got it!

Yes - Checking for Updates in 2.3 shows 2.4 now.

Thanks for clariying.


Thanks everybody!! I’m working with 2.4 now! Amazing Job, Norm! Works like a charm!!