Show all unused assets AND mark unused assets to be kept and included in export


  1. I’d like to easily mark all unused assets and be able to delete them.
  2. But I’d also want to be able to mark unused assets to be kept and exported.

I often use the lity lightbox thing for Vimeo videos and an image with a play icon that then open the lightbox/video. And since i do that in a custom HTML block those images never get exported and also gets deleted from the img folder when I’ve added them manually each time i export.

It’s a quite annoying way to work.


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Underlining this.
Quiet annoying as well if you handle a lot of pics as well.
Not yet possible even to rearrange the order - meaning newest always up.

Think someone mentioned asset folders here in the forum.
That would be helpful I think.

Sources is a good thing, only that you can´t see them while designing your site and broken links are also qiet dangerous as we are all humans :slight_smile:

Let´s see what happens with blocs in future and if it becomes interesting for bigger sites.

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