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Hi everybody! i found ideas for „read more“ options to display more text, for instance inside a card. what I am looking for is a way to show and hide a couple of cards. so to clic on a button and have more cards displayed.
Specifically on my website ( I have quite a lot of case study cards with video in them an would like to display only maybe four and toggle via a button to display the rest. It would be possible to solve it via two sites and a button with ID but I think a „unfolding“ option would be way more elegant.
I hope I could make my question clear… :slight_smile: I looked in previous posts but couldn‘t find anything.

Toggle visibility would do that trick… :thinking:

I am not sure because they are numeral elements and not just one and those elements have a unique ID to use as anchors in emails. Or can they have multiple IDs?

Ok, I got what you thought about. I think that works. Would have never found that one without you!