📣 Showcase your Blocs Wordpress Sites

Hi all,

I posted a question the other day asking about the Blocs Store and was told this is made in WordPress from a Blocs theme, this explains how it all works!!!

Its really nice.

Since Blocs can now create Wordpress themes - with people who have sites who are able to showcase them, I would love see what you have managed to do and a small explanation of what you did, plugins, how you found the process etc…

I am really interested in this side of Blocs and would love to see what its capable of and what our WP experts are creating.

Thanks all!

My only currently live one is https://lekkerekeuken.com (a hobby project for my girlfriend).
One currently in development is https://dhn.press84.com/ (layout done in Blocs, added some extra functionality).
One more is coming very soon that is very much Blocs-related. Full disclosure on that one should be coming in the next 6 weeks.


brilliant - thanks for posting.