Side Navigation

I have been following Master Blocs Elder trying to make the side navigation bar, I am using 4.5.0 and YouTube I believe Elder is using blocs4

I have followed bit by bit and doing it exactly the same but when trying it out, it just moves up and down there is no side navigation

Even though @Eldar’s solution works perfectly for me I’m more in favour of Offcanvas which is new in Bootstrap 5. It’s fairly easy to implement.
2022-05-04_22-17-48 (1)

@Malachiman has mentioned a few times on the forum he will be creating a Bric for Offcanvas. I’m pretty sure it will be launched not far from now.


Not too far off. Just adding a couple more things, tutorial videos and final testing. Should be a game changer :joy:


I don’t know where I am going wrong even though following it step by step

plus you will have more experience at Blocs than myself lol

You started using Blocs 18 Months before I did. :grinning: :partying_face: For me, it’s just a hobby and to have some fun.

Wait for the Offcanvas Bric :grin:


maybe I did but had a very slow Mac at the time yes I had it but was using a 214 Mac mini and kept crashing now have a new machine I can do a lot more