Sidebar Mobile - Problem with the second internal dropdown on the menu

First I want to greet the whole community and especially @Norm for giving us such special tools as Blocs and Solis, which allow me to make a difference in every Web project done.

I appreciate the effort that sanity all who you are the community, to answer and provide ideas and solutions to all cases presented. On this occasion, I have to ask for help, because I am immersed in a new project and I have emerged a small setback, when I insert a secondary drop-down, within another primary in the main menu, it turns out that when you click on it, I refuse the action of The opening of the drop-down. :frowning:

Curiously when I use Solis, it works for me. I have reviewed the code and I am not able to locate where the problem resides, because all the configuration in Blocs is correct.

I strongly request your help, thanks in advance for your time and contributions. Greetings. :blush:

It may be best to post your project file. This isn’t an issue I can replicate - all my sub menus open as expected.

Thanks @hendon52 for your interest :smiley:, as you asked me to upload an example so you can see clearly as the menu 2 does not work when previewed in Mobile. I hope that we can all solve it, thank you very much for your help.

@Norm I think it might be a little bug in the program. Could you help me solve it please? I need to launch the project shortly. A million thanks in advance. (17.7 KB)

I took a look at your file and could see no problem. I published directly from your file and uploaded to a test folder on one of my domains and the menu on mobile works exactly as it should. Check it out on

CORRECTION - Yes - I see the problem - it’s the menu 2 that isn’t expanding. I’ll check it over and see what is happening.

I think you’re right. There does seem to be an issue with multi-level drop-downs on mobile. I can’t see what the cause of the problem may be. I’ve never used multiple drop-downs in the past, but I’m sure there are some people who would like them. I guess we have to wait for @norm to advise us on what the issue is. Meanwhile, maybe you should reorganise things so you only have one level of drop-down menus. Sorry I couldn’t be more help on this one.

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Yes, I was thinking about rearranging the menu. Momentarily it may be a small patch for the problem. I greatly appreciate the interest you have placed in helping me, and of course it is worth emphasizing in the same way, your active attitude in the community. @Norm I think a very interesting section that should open is the Bug, because personally I am one of those who like to explore the limits of the software that I manage and always usually find them.

  • FOR EXAMPLE, the “page name” of the home, is linked directly to the Manager menu and if you change the “page name” the whole menu is unconfigured. -

This is happening to me too!

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