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It seems that alternative blogging solutions are not particularly welcome here, so to pacify the critics and keep the peace, This suggestion has been removed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hi @hendon52,
@InStacks Volt CMS Blog is definitely heading in this direction, so all done in Blocs and web browser. Check it out if you haven’t already.

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Thanks @TrevReav I see the same.

With purchasing Volt CMS you get a lot more:

  • Very easy integration into Blocs
  • Complete CMS solution
  • Unlimited websites
  • Support

I have indeed checked out the Volt solution and I think the CMS option is great. However, when it comes to the blog, I’ve had a couple of questions asked of me (by clients) which are not, at the moment easily answered. I’m sure there are answers to the issues raised by clients, but I feel it’s best for the developers to complete their work on the app before approaching them with potential issues that may be a cause for concern. I’m sure they will have all the answers when the app is fully completed.

By way of example, the system itself doesn’t use a database and it does require the use of clean URLs for it to work (not really a problem in itself) but the sort of questions I’m being asked is how does the Blog get backed up and restored. Another question has been how can the blog be transferred to another site, for example, if a new site is developed which is used to replace the existing site.

These may be minor issues to some, but seem important to others. So, in the absence of any technical manuals that explain the structure, I’m reluctant to recommend the blog option to clients at this time. I do, however, recommend the CMS solution as It is the perfect accompaniment to Blocs - it’s designed specifically for blocs so is probably the best option available.

Yep, understood @hendon52. I can see your concerns.
Jannis will be more relevant to a reply than me, but I believe the Blog (and indeed the whole CMS) is backed up every evening. Transferring, not a clue!

Good points @hendon52, luckily all of them are covered.

I don’t understand what you mean with that. Please be more exact.

The blog is ready and used on many websites already.

Correct. Flat file CMS. Text content backed up daily in a local server zip file. Transfer as easy as downloading the central cms content folder and uploading to the new server.

Volt Blog offers the option of an even easier URL structure, requiring a htaccess rewrite. This is easier to configure with clean URLs.

Btw: setting up a website without clean URLs is possible to break as soon as you introduce PHP.

So you have a clear technical documentation how your simple blog solution stores the data in the tables? Good to have that…

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Hi @hendon52

I am very surprised by your suggestion to go with Simple PHP as a blog solution. It is so expensive i.e 60$ for one site and 250$ for unlimited sites, and only provides a blog.

While Volt CMS not only provides a complete blog solution but as well the whole CMS for unlimited sites for half the price.

Additionally, @InStacks is well known in the community and has always been committed to develop along the community’s wishes while I have no idea who’s behind Simple PHP.

If you have questions regarding Volt CMS and in particular the blog portion why not ask Jannis @InStacks directly instead of making assumptions.

The blog is part of CMS so I really do not understand why you recommend the CMS and not the blog.



Yes, it can be found HERE. Anyway, all irrelevant know - I’ve removed the suggestion.

That’s a document for a general MySQL database data backup procedure. Not how the blog is storing it’s data.

What are you talking here :exploding_head: ? It’s kinda sad hearing such opinions…

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If you feel repressed you can always start a Blocs4All forum like the Rapidweaver peeps needed to with RW4All. Allowing them speak openly and freely without moderation, locked & deleted threads. :laughing: