Site bigger then couple pages?

Just to ask how is created this forum/community? Because in Blocs I’m not sure how I can make some bigger site: couple leagues, lot of pictures should be organized in folders, the folder organization for better preview for .htm(pages) files to?
Even Im not sure how in Blocs to move/organised the pages in my order?
The Blocs is very nice for couple pages site, but for something more, I don’t now how.
Thank you for the tips-solution.

I think, in general a CMS would help for bigger sites.

@Norm I hope with version 3 of BlocsApp rearranging pages and partials will be possible. This would help a lot for bigger sites.

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The Blocs community forum is not really a website, it’s more of a web app, software that runs in the browser. We use a product called discourse for that.

Although Blocs primarily creates static pages it can integrate with a few CMS’s to take things a little further.

I’ve seen large sites with over 100 pages created in Blocs, the projects get a little beefy but page navigator has search so its not so bad.

Regarding re-ordering pages, you cant do this in the navigator yet but its coming, however that would’nt have any effect on the menus in your site. It’s most likely that you want to manage the menu links to the pages and their order, you do this via the Menu Manager.

Yeah I plan to make pages arrangeable in the navigator.


I am a big fan of the Menu Manager, its a lot easier with it to build bigger multilanguage pages. SonI am very happy that it will be independant from all pages. What I miss here is the possibility to style the active Menu Button. I know I can do this with some additional code, but I think something like this would be gret to be included directly in BlocsApp.

Sorry, I was not on my PC when I wrote the above post, yes for pages the search is fine. What I missed already some times is more the possiblity to set the main / home page to an other page, or is this already possible?

@drweb19 You can also have a look at they have extern scripts which you can install on your Server/Hosting and you can embed them using some lines of code in Blocs using the html bric. I created a site before some weeks using one of phpjabbers booking scripts and it forks fine.

I think the key for big sites ( apart from publishing speed and software response times during editing ) is the ability to restyle globally. Eventually all website designs start to look a bit dated or tired and a CMS-based system will enable a new template to be applied to refresh a site - quite a challenge with a static site.

On the other hand… most websites have content that itself gets dated and needs a refresh, so having a fast site builder like blocsap can work well for smaller sites where a rebuild is possible. The larger a site becomes, the more difficullt it can be to manage and refresh.

I have worked on websites that are essentially template based fed by bespoke databases, essentially a bespoke wordpress or joomla type system and there content is created by people who have no connection to the final site design and may have no knowledge or interest in web design.

There is definitely a sweet spot for static web sites.

A saving grace of Blocs is that it’s very fast in operation, so a change in custom classes would be applied site wide without delay, while selections along with previews are instant. If I had to restyle a static site of 10-20 pages in Blocs that would hold no fear at all, whereas I would probably break down in tears on a Rapidweaver site.

One upside of static sites done for clients is that they won’t come back to you saying an update has ruined everything or that the database has been compromised somehow.

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Yes, this is most important update in the Blocs, to be a ready for creating some complex sites: “rearranging pages and partials”, folders for pages and pictures to organized.