Site built with cards. is it possible?

So i have a idea that the best way to show a site on a smart phone would be with cards, then the user can click these to further expand on what section or info they are looking at. anyone have any ideas how to implement this so that it views correctly?(for example)
my first thought was to have a row of blocs with say 5 individual brics for desktop then on tablet make the two most outer not view then on the smart phone make the 4 most outer not view and only the center one show. when trying this i had to use 6 bricks ( or columns) for trying it desktop and smart phone looks ok , but tablet view is the one resolution that is not quite looking as i pictured it, i have empty space on the out side of my design where the two cards were when what i want is for the remaining brics to distribute themselfs evenly to take up the space made by the non viewable columns ,below are some screen shots with dummy images in them to show what i mean.
I am sure there is a way to get just 5 columns but i just wanted to try this first to see the results.