Site not previewing properly

When I open my website in Blocs and Preview the site the Background Style (Fill) and Texture (Paper) does not show up in the preview image (see screen shot 1 and 2). I also cannot change the background colors of the blocs, they preview as white when I change the color.

When in Preview mode and I select “Open Developer Tools” it says “Failed to load resource” (see screen shot 3)…any help how to fix? I am not a coder.


I suspect you had a temporary network issue. I just tried and there were no errors or warnings.

Thanks Flashman for your reply. If you log into my website (, all is well. Since my last upload these above issues have happened. I can no longer make changes to my Blocs website file, I guess I could rebuild it from scratch, thinking there might be an easier solution.

Even when I preview in a browser, the paper texture does not show up, also when I export.

Might be worth sending in the project file with with a support ticket.

OK, thanks, there is definitely something really screwed up here. I will give it some thought and decide what to do…might be easiest to just “re-do”. Thanks again.