Site not working on mobile devices

I’m really proud of my new site built with blocs, but I just noticed it doesn’t work on my iOS devices.

When I try out in blocs the site is responsive as I expect. However, on a real iOS device I see the hero part flash up quickly and then be replaced by a blue screen and no content. Not really ideal!

I spent quite a bit of time trying to work out what is wrong, but can’t resolve this at all. Any chance anyone can see what is broken and causing this odd behaviour? Also odd is that the site seems to load on an android device, but loads with the desktop design on a small screen, rather than resizing and being responsive as in blocs itself.

Other than that, I love blocs - a great app, if I can get things working on mobile devices.
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Hey Duncan,

Welcome :slight_smile:

Just tried the site on my iPhone 6 and iPad Air and it loads just fine. Try hard reloading your mobile browser as it could be the cache sticking.

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Hi @Norm thanks for coming back so soon!

I just realised that link does load find on my iPhone. It’s when I load via which is forwarding to that I get the problem. Weirdly that works ok on a desktop. So, not sure what/why the web forwarding might cause this behaviour.

It seem not to be a blocs problem - but something to do with the web forwarding. Any clues what might be?

OK, I worked it out. It turns out I was using “cloaked web forwarding” which actually uses a frame under the covers - and this clearly messes with the page content. Once I changed away from cloaking it’s all good. I’d never had guessed that web forwarding could work this way - so you learn something new every day!


Yeah me too :slight_smile:

Late to see your post but on an iPad in vertical view the 4 columns has an overlap of header text. I would suggest fewer columns (3) or adjusting the style width.