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@Norm @Eldar Hello. I need help to know how to optimize my site. Taking a look at Page Speed ​​insight, I noticed that my website needs to be optimized, everything that blocks rendering should be eliminated. How to eliminate render-blocking scripts?

On you give directions but I wonder if there is an easier way to optimize the site, if there are plug-ins or code strings to make it automatic.
I hope for some easy-to-reach advice for me that I’m not a real developer
Thank you

The biggest issue is all the videos loading.


You have one video that takes 30 seconds to load, and i’m on fibre! (Gb connection) so that could be a hosting issue. Although you shouldn’t have videos that big embedded and auto playing in a website.

If you refresh the page without clearing the cache you still get a 25/26 sec load time.

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@Malachiman that’s cool results testing. Do you mind sharing the link for the testing?

Hey @KBConcepts, thats just the developer tools built into Safari.

To activate the Menu, in Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Tick the box at the bottom saying ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’

All I do is turn on the ‘Web Inspector’ from the Developer menu.

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Thank you, I guess I should use Safari more.

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That’s all I develop with. Only fire up chrome to check, but these days the cross browser thing is almost a non issue.

I use:
Enter the url of your site and see how much it renders and how it can be optimized, even if it doesn’t seem so simple at all. Do you know the garbage fish for the aquarium? Well, in the same way I was wondering if there were plug-ins or strips of code to insert to automate this elimination
/ cleaning of everything that blocks page rendering.

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Yes, in fact I will lighten the videos a bit but I still want to keep them because they characterize the site. Thank you.

Seems like the load times have improved, but the experience on an iPad is awkward. Scroll issues and preloader issues.