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Hi Blocs Community

I have created a website using Blocs for a business group - I’m not a web designer or coder by any means…

I would very much like to add a search facility to the site - so that the ‘member directory’ can be searched by name and (eventually) by profession - the members are individual blocs at the moment and categorised into alphabetical order…

Is this doable? What would be the best course of action to achieve this?

Thanks again and I really look forward to your suggestions :slight_smile:

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Hi Gareth,

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You can archive search functionality on your website with a Site Search Bric. I can see that you have edited your original post specifying that the members are individual ‘BLOCS’. Site Search Bric uses the keywords in Page Settings for each ‘PAGE’, so it won’t be possible to make it work with the current structure.

What I recommend to do is to make a page for each member, and specify his or her profession in the Keywords area of Page Settings. You can have a list of all members like you have now IN THE FOOTER, but for Site Search to work, each member will need a separate page.

You can check my video overview of the Site Search Bric in the video below.


Your best bet would be to use a membership script. This would essentially be a PHP application running on your server. The script is then integrated into your website with a small piece of code. The script itself could be configured to take membership fees and give access to a member’s only area of the website. A search facility would generally form part of the script.

One such script can be seen here. I suggest you take a look at the demo.

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Hi @garethjp

Using a CMS eventually in the long run would be ideal. (Still design in blocs though, but building a custom plugin in OctoberCMS would be rather straight forward. )

I would for now suggest using Javascript to create a filter. The following tutorial would be a good guide on how that works. It would need to be modified to suit your design though.

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