Site Settings Not Holding?


I went ahead and bought Blocs and have been working my way through it. I’ll probably end up getting the BlocsMaster tutorials given its excellent reviews, but in the meantime I am having an issue with settings staying as indicated when working down the display resolution stack.

For example, I went about changing text size working my way from highest to lowest resolution of a hero with nav right bloc and it works great, but when I preview it changes are not indicated. I repeat the procedure a few times and then the preview seems to pick up and take hold. Is this a caching issue or a bug?

I’ve also seen this behavior with changing to a hamburger menu for all display resolutions, that I have to repeat the same procedure a few times then it shows properly in preview.

I’m certainly not ruling out user error, perhaps I’m missing something obvious.

From a UX perspective is there a way to indicate hierarchy and dependence visually within the pages at a glance and what parameters are actually overriding lower attributes down the stack? To me this would be very useful in troubleshooting why things aren’t displaying as intended?

I’m running 3.4.1 on Mojave. Thank you for your help.

Once I had that problem, what works correctly is that you start the changes in the point of mobile to desktop, this should solve what happens with your project!

It always starts from the mobile version to the desktop! It works for me always well



Nelo, thank you, it seems to be working more consistently using this process. It would be nice to work in either direction but I suppose it’s currently a mobile first game nowadays.

Bootstrap works on a mobile first concept. After I do my initial design, I start at mobile and setup all my columns and offsets, otherwise you find you have twice as much work.

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Thanks for the heads up @Malachiman.