Sitelok and blocs

Hi all, so I have sitelok. I’ve tried to follow the site lol with blocs guide on their site but I just can’t get it to work!! Anyone used this and can offer some advice?

Or if you’ve used any other way of securing an area, I’ve had the ‘members’ bric but couldn’t get that to work either and the dev doesn’t answer support messages

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Can you send me a message via and I am sure we can get things working.

Hi @Recce43, I have Sitelok running on a home-owners association website which is build with Blocs.
It runs as a charm without any issues at all. Please share your problem and I might be able to assist if needed.

Will do… many thanks, I’m sure it’s me and my lack of understanding…

Many thanks, I’ll be taking another look at it this week hopefully, so will take some screen shots

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Adrian from Vibralogix who helped me to get things sorted. He was able to identify where i went wrong and also to coach me to get it right.

Amazing support and mentorship!! many thanks