Sitemap confusion


I recently updated an old site with Blocs and uploaded the default sitemap, which looked fine, but I typically use Integrity Plus, that produces more detailed sitemaps, including image names and PDF files etc. From past experience Google seems to like this.

In the sitemap produced by Integrity Plus it lists both and as separate pages. I understand that both are technically correct, but in this instance I wonder if it’s causing confusion or undermining my SEO?

That being the case, should we be creating 301 redirect rules via htaccess for sites built with Blocs? With other design apps I’ve not encountered this problem, but I usually employ a different URL structure so that each web page is uploaded as an index.php file within a folder, so you end up with something like rather than with Blocs.


More interesting, why these 2 are listed. Maybe because of links directing to both domain and domain/index.php?

I don’t think a htaccess rule would tell integrity plus to omit one of them. Maybe there is a setting in that tool to remove such duplicates?


The only links to the home page are internal, using the navigate to page interaction and selecting Home, so those should be consistent. Integrity Plus is spotting as the home page and gives it a maximum importance ranking, but then shows up as another page just like any other.

Its actually a great tool for spotting errors and looking now in the links section I can see a single entry for, however there are 8 occurrences over more than one page leading to, so it looks like Blocs is handling internal links in a slightly strange way.