Size of a column

I am developing a “contact section”.

I would like to create a couple of columns, the first one on the left narrow with the icon of a house, then below the icon of the mailbox and then below again of the mobile phone.

On the right hand side of this first column, I would like to add a second one with the complete address, the email address and the mobile phone, of course next to the corresponding icon.

I would like the column on the left narrow, the columns on the right wider to accomodate the information.

From the drop mode, I have added a couple of columns.

The problem is that I do not know how to resize the first column on the left, i.e. the one with the icons that I would like narrow.

I have added a custom class to the combination of the two columns but in this case I have managed to resize both but not one at at time.

How can I manage to resize just the columns on the left?


Not sure how you create your columns, but you can drag between these columns, just hover, blue line appears and drag.


Thanks for replying.

I am missing something, can you please better advise how to resize columns? I go to drop mode, chose for instance 3 columns but then I can neither resize them nor to move them.

What am I missing?

EDIT: I have found the way, it was easy!

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