Slide In Animation

So I’m just starting to work with Blocs.

I just thought to help me learn I’d try and copy the blocs website seeing as I know it’s made out of blocs.

I’m stuck on Animating a Slide In from the right effect on a single image.
You can see it on the class editor image in the section titled “LET YOUR CREATIVITY GROW”

Anyone have any tips?

I’m not in front of my MacBook so I can’t test, but it seems like a simple container with an image in, with the container set to appear-slide-from left with a slight delay.
The containing bloc has an image as a background.

Hey apswoodwork,

Thanks for your reply.
Straight after I posted this I noticed the direction menu which explained everything.
From what I can gather its a “Fade In” animation with a direction of “Right”.