Slow Loading page

What could be slowing this page from loading? As you scroll each row shows up, but too slow.
It has 20 rows. Each row has 2 columns
Left column video link (no auto play) Right side Text and link with frame and shadow.


We can only make assumptions on no details here.

If you are embedding videos from YouTube, consider that every embed is making a few calls to YouTube. Times that by 20 and you have lag. With that many videos it’s better to take a different approach (code).

Then you have server speeds, Internet connection speeds / poor wifi. Poor cheap hosting. Etc.

@Malachiman, that makes sense. What are some options to make it load efficiently?

As far a speed from the server, we use the standard plan from KnownHost VPS (Managed VPS Hosting | Affordable Plans | KnownHost) with LiteSpeed.

Have you tried to first load a thumbnail of youtube, then load the player only when the user click on the video?
It’s a common trick but i have no experience with that.
Adding a memcache to your config is an effectiive solution.

A placeholder that loads the video on demand is IMO the best way. You have to code that though.

I have a custom bric in the works that handles this. But it was on hold while I had some other projects come up.

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@Malachiman, I would like to check out your custom Bric. I would be willing to purchase that Bric, How close are you to finalizing it?

Probably about 80% done.

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