Small website

My latest work. The challenge was to built a site that doesn´t look boring although it contains very little content. What du you think?


@wolfganghofer, without that looping background video, the website would be pretty bland, but with it, I think it works. I like the behaviors you applied to the opening/closing elements. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response.

I agree that with the looping background it gives it enough to look fine.

My only suggestion would be that you include the three blocs/page links in each Bloc or maybe a top menu. From the usability aspect clicking one of the link and then have to close the dropdown/page makes the use go back to the home screen area. If I was reading about his services on the top Bloc I would not want to have to go back the to see more about him or the contact info.


I have the same opinion like @Creative, its the moving background, which makes the good impression of the website.

Hi, looks great … good smal Website. Good idea with the video. For me the water moves to fast. It’s not relaxed … hard to explain for me. In german: wirkt etwas hektisch.
But the rest is really good. Cool site !

I’m going to go against the flow and say “I don’t like it”.

I can’t see anything about this site that would make me want to engage with the practitioner/practice - quite the opposite.



Thanks for your comments! The client likes the website as it is. So I won‘t change anything.

That’s what really matters.