Smart Nav Bootstrap 5 update

Dear @Whittfield
Thanks for the stunning Smartnav-extension.

However I have an issue with upgrading a project to Bootstrap 5. Since the upgrade, Smart Nav has serious issues which render it useless for me:

  • Scroll Reveal and Hover Intent stopped working (those would be the most important features for me); the Nav Bar is only visible on the top of the page; it never shows up in a lower position on the page.
  • Overlap Hero & Transparent Bg still work as far as I can see.
  • the font size is much smaller than it is under Bootstrap 4.

I’m using Smart Nav on top of a Hero image; on the following site: (online still on Bootstrap 4).

Do you have any idea how to solve this issue?
Thanks and kind regards,

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Ask to @Whittfield , he is the man

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I’ll look into this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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I have a release coming soon that addresses the hover intent not working.

I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem with scroll reveal. I also could not see the font size change. (I’m not doing anything with font sizes)

We’ll test this version and address the other issues after.

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You can now download Smart Nav v1.5 from your library which fixes the hover intent bug.
It should be good to go for the Scroll Reveal option as well.

You can also use the in app updater.

Remember to right click on the bric and select reset “all” for this feature to work.


I can’t find the update from v1.4 to V1.5 in the Blocs Extension Manager.
Is this normal?
What is the link to download the update?

I check the updater. has a library and you’ve got files there.

Login at if you haven’t before just use the same email address you made the purchase with and reset the password.

When I try to connect to with the email address used to order Smartnav, they tell me that the email address does not exist.

DM me your email address

I recommend removing your email now.

I’ve resent the receipt. There should be a link to your Library in the email. let me know if it for some reason doesn’t work.

It works perfectly. But why doesn’t the update module included in Blocs offer this update?

Thanks a lot

Not sure. I keep an eye on that for a future update.

This Bric updated for me within Blocs…FYI.

Rich the Weather Guy

When opening the Extension Manager, it took a full couple minutes to identify that the Smart Nav (and Read More) updates were available. Before that, the Extension Manager just showed “checking for updates” at bottom of window. After the updates were detected as available, they could be updated successfully.

Same here.
Checking for updates with the extension manager does not work properly.
Version B5.04 and 5.0.5-b2

Thanks for the update. I tested it, however Scroll Reveal and Hover Intent are still not working in my project as soon as I migrate it to Bootstrap 5. Would you like me to send you the project file so you could see it by yourself?

Sure you can send me the project file.