SmartNav submenu styling

Hi @Whittfield. I’m currently updating a couple of sites that I’ve added your SmartNav bric too.

But here’s a strange thing that I hope you can assist me with. The colour of the links, in the submenus, have changed – from white to black. Colour in the main navigation is correct, and the rollover colour on all the links appear correctly. It’s just the colour of the items in the submenu.

Can you point in me in the right direction of how to fix this please? Do I need to create a new class, or is there a setting in your SmartNav that I need to change.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, @DerekDigital. Anywhere a live link as its most likely a Bootstrap update issue.

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Thanks for the information @Jerry. Much appreciated.
I may just rip out @Whittfield’s SmartNav bric and rebuild the navigation from scratch. See whether that resolves the problem.

Why? I’m using it on all my websites without any issues. It’s an amazing Bric and worth every dollar I spent on it.

It’s no good if it doesn’t work, randomly changes the colour of the navigation links when I update sites, and there’s zero support from the developer.