Snap Scroll and Bootstrap 5

Hi Norm,
Thank you for design this.

I would like to put this to a test. Are there any known issues with it working with Blocs V5.0.5 Released with Bootstrap set to version 5?

Im not aware of any, but Im gradually working my way through every Bric we have on the store and updating it to remove jQuery dependencies, add new features and refresh the UI to take advantages of all the new API features.

So take it for a spin and let me know.


Hey Norm,
In keeping you up to date. Snap Scroll is a cool tool. In using it I unchecked include background, and checked light theme. Exported it and opened it in Safari only to see all the dots on every bloc. I thought may be was suppose to add snap scroll to every bloc, but still had the same results. Also the blocs would not center. It is like they need a responsive start and stop point per bloc.

Is there a custom class I could add to hide or changes the dots, dashes and or backround?
Is there a way to change the size and, or color of the indicators, like dots or dashes and their background?

Are there custom classes that can control the height or placement, settings: mandatory or any other ways to manipulate the settings?

I appreciate your thoughts.

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I love snap scroll……it’s pitty not more sites are made with it

Did you find a way to tweak it using custom classes?