Snap Scroll

Hi everybody,

though I think that new snap scrolling bric is really amazing, I’ve got one problem with it. I have a fixed navigation menu in the header and also a fixed footer. Because of that I’ve got two more anchor points and two more dots in the snap scrolling bar than I need. Is it possible to edit the snap scrolling bric that it excludes specified blocs?

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I would also like the option to remove the text by the dots.

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I have also noticed that if you scroll to another div on the page and then scroll up or down with the mouse it snaps to the wrong (relative to the original) page component.

What if you make it transparent? It should work as temporary fix!

Hello Gianni,

what do you mean by “transparent” … do you mean the visibility of a bloc?

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Same issue here. Any news about it?

I noticed the same issue that @mbacon mention. I used blocs that do not are visible in desktop mode, it, don’t scroll in sequence, it turns to the first block ( going top to bottom), and after go to the next one. In mobile devices, I’m not having problems.
anybody fixed it?