So many glitches

I’ve been encountering numerous glitches since starting a new website with Blocs. I’m not sure why there are so many problems but I keep having to redo pages to fix sections, only to find the blocs are getting mixed up or disappearing from one page to the next.

When I preview in browsers, triplicate sections show up with duplicate buttons. Invisibility selection for mobile design sometimes works, sometimes not. What I see in preview browser (Safari) is not what I see in view mode.

I created a home page, and it’s disappeared from the page section. When I click on the upper right hand page listings, the home page appears–but it is missing several blocks and then blocks from my second page were transposed on to it.

I set the project settings in advance- text, headers/fonts etc. only to find each of these needs to be customized again for every header on every page. The project settings are not working (yes, I’m saving them as I go.)

The nav bar disappears-- solution. I delete it, then it reappears. These are only a couple of the glitches I’m trying to work around. Hand coding a site seemed a lot easier and I guess I"m going to give up on this program. Two weeks to fix 2 pages to display properly in desktop, tablet, mobile, one of which has now disappeared.

Very disappointed. I used Mobirise 2 years ago with few issues and thought Blocs would be an improvement with all the extra features.

Some of the problems occurred after the latest download, but most of the issues were present before. I may try to start fresh --from the beginning and give it one more shot, but I hate to invest so much time with this and not have it work. I tried to upload the index page and the assorted folders to a server to see if it would render properly, but all I see is a spinning preloader.

Sounds traumatic.

My experience with blocsapp is far smoother, but it’s not perfect.

The problem with a post like this is that it’s nebulous. I’m sure it would be very helpful to Norm to be able to pick a specific problem and isolate it so that it is reproduceable by Norm. If you can do that he can fix it.

I really haven’t had these problems and I suspect that if you try and isolate some of them, then they may even melt away.

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Many of the things you speak of I have never seen discussed before like you have described.

It’s probably best to contact support directly and provide your actual Blocs File for them to review. Sorry you seem to be having issues, but I am sure @norm will be happy to review your file.

Sorry for the bad experience.

As others mentioned, I’d need the file to see all of the problems you described and look into possible fixes. It maybe that the bugs are already fixed but the glitch lies within the projects data, replacing the problematic section usually addresses the issue.

One key factor that catches folks out is the way global areas work, content placed in them is shown on all pages and is a single set of data so if you select and edit a part it shows the same across all pages. It’s covered in the introduction video for Blocs, it may help explain away some issues. (

Regarding text settings, make sure the pre-styled Blocs text fonts are not kicking in (if you are using any) or that the sidebar text options are not set for specific items as these will override the global settings.

The spinning preloaded is a cache issue that is caused by the recent changes to the blocs.js file, you can read how to fix it here (

Thanks everyone. I took the weekend off and am ready to start fresh again today. Will take a look at the pre-loader fix too. Part of the problem stems from using a template of my first page- and sections were transposed from second page back to first (section IDs were not changed properly–my mistake). I looked again at the custom classes and subclasses documents/video and I think what I was doing (wrong) led to some of the problems with sections appearing in duplicate/triplicate on export.

Appreciate the feed back and will try and keep things simple with regard to design. Thanks again.