So... who is running an M1 Mac?

Either the MacBook or the Mini, care to share your real world experience?

In asking myself that same question recently, I obtained excellent answers here.

Keep in mind though that 2 USB-C ports will be more limiting than you think. Waiting for the 16" edition with mini LED might be a prudent choice, as I doubt they will limit ports in such a draconian manner on that model.

Mini M1 with 8GB.


I could imagine the mini makes a great dev machine


And how it’s doing?
I’m thinking of upgrading my system to a mini and a decent 4k monitor :thinking:

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Is that mainly for testing or as a main work computer?

It seems the M1 is much more efficient than Intel in maintaining performance with relatively little ram. I purchased an i7 mini back in May and ended up with 32 gigs of ram at great expense from Apple.

Though still early days, I think the M1 has killed the value of the secondhand market for Intel, along with any case for upgrading older machines.

That’s my set up with a LG 27" 4K monitor. Works good.

I have so many. Currently I am only doing testing.


Every review I’ve seen essentially describes it as a flying machine and even for video editing it can outperform intel apps even when running via rosetta with less memory.

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I’ve thought about making the jump but I think I’ll keep my Late 2013 MBP for another year.

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My new Mac mini with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD is on it’s way - ordered back on Nov. 12, and from Apple’s tracking info, coming straight from the factory in Shenzen China and will finally arrive this Wednesday!
I can finally replace the Hackintosh I built 10 years ago, that is still chugging away dutifully as my daily driver.


How is the M1 going for those that are using? My 2017 MBP 15" is in on its second battery replacement, and I do not have a lot of faith in another battery! Hate to have to jump on a new platform early, but I am thinking the M1 Mac Mini might be the way to go with one of my existing monitors as I am too old to use the 13" (wife has one and I can’t see shit on the screen!).

I have a beefy Windows system for the Adobe CC Suite, but other than that I typically use Blocs and other tools like it day to day.

I bought M1 Mac mini 16GB RAM / 500GB SSD. Running night and day for two weeks and couldn’t be happier!


I have a M1 Mini arriving this coming week, 16GB, 1TB SSD. Will be hooking up to 40" 4K monitor and eventually a bunch of external drives and other peripherals. Wanted to see how performance is compared to my current Mac Pro (late 2013). For sure will be testing out Blocs on this new Mac. Good luck to others! :slight_smile:


I’m not getting a new mac until they really become the MACHINE to have. so I will stick with my Macbook pro 13 2020 with 32gb ram

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Same boat as me. 2020 16” 32GB ram. I could be tempted Gen 2. But likely gen 3 :rofl:

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I hear you @Malachiman, I had hoped to get another year out of the 2017 MBP 15".

Just found out mine is coming today. :slight_smile: Didn’t know if posted elsewhere, but here’s a link to Geekbench comparison of various Macs. M1s right up there, especially in single core mode.

Just spotted your post… love my Air, but my Blocs 4 Safari / Chrome / Firefox experience here…

Trying to delete a page causes Blocs 4 to crash - anybody else? M1 MacBook Air.

Are you using v4.0.2 that has been fixed in that version.