Social Card Images Not Working (for Facebook)

I’ve created social card images for each page on a site I’m working on. When in the page settings dialog box, I can see that Blocs is remembering which image I chose for Twitter. Unfortunately when I then click on Facebook, it won’t let me assign an image. I’ve tried dragging and dropping images into the image area but it always reads ‘No image 0x0px’.

My social card images are just plain ol’ jpegs (1,203x627px).

Here’s a screenshot.

Does clicking the small image icon bring up the asset manager?

It does, but when I click on an image in the asset manager nothing appears in that preview area (only when selected on Facebook).

I’ve tried dragging and dropping an image from the asset manager into that preview area and the image will appear but beside it the text always reads ‘No Image 0x0px’. Then if I close the dialog box and reopen it, it remembers the image when I’m viewing the social card options for Twitter. But if I switch over to the social card options for Facebook the image preview is blank again.

Try saving your project to a new filename. Close blocs and reopen with the new filename to see if makes any difference. Sometimes works for me.

Does the FB open graph tags appear in preview if you check the browser inspector?

Have you tried disabling and re-enabling the social card?

I just tried doing a save-as, saved a copy with a new file name, then quit out of Blocs. Reopened the new file and tried it out. Same thing.

Just checked and it’s not showing up.

I’m not sure how to disable social cards in Blocs 4. I don’t see a check box or anything like that to turn them on/off.