Social Card

Hey! Got a problem: I added Social Cards, but just the first Page (index.html) is working with the preview on facebook. The other pages don´t work at all (the preview says “page not found”). On twitter the preview of each page works great. Do you know this problem? Any solutions? Thanks from Vienna!

Sounds like you might not be adding the url in Facebook correctly.

It’s worth checking here and testing pages more than once if necessary.

Thank you very much. It says that URL returned a bad HTTP response code. I really do not know what I should change in the page settings… Do you have any ideas?

Much as I suspected it looks like the url is the issue. Look at the first url and it is http://www but the canonical url is http:// without the www.

This should really be https:// for better security, but right now check inside Blocs project settings and make sure it is set up for either http:// or http://www and use the same version when adding links at Facebook.

And the Twitter debugger: