Social icons are not displayed

Social icons are not displayed at my site when I exported project to Pulse 5.

How it fix?

This template used with Pulse CMS 5.3.9.

Looks like Blocs and Pulse are on different versions of Font Awesome, Blocs on v4. and Pulse on version 5.
No idea how you fix that within Blocs or Pulse I’m afraid.


I see… I’ll send this problem to support.

@simon, Thanks!!

It appears that is the issue, I mentioned it in your previous post about this.

The only solution apart from Norm updating Blocs to support newer font awesome versions is you edit the exported HTML by adding the font awesome CDN in your header.

Expanding on @Malachiman comment it feels a little hacky but if you want to you could just move the code round in the header…

  • after export