Social icons to the right / left alignment?

Hi guys,
The Bloc social icons (I’m using the small social icons 4) can I align them to the right. it’s always centered and I cannot see an option to align them to the right or left. thanks!!!

Try adding the normal centred 4 icon social bloc to the page. Select the row containing the icons. You will note that they are set in 4 individual columns. It’s easiest to do this from the layer tree at the left of the screen - click on the small down-arrow to reveal the row.

Over on the right of the screen, in the properties panel, you will see 4 columns in the appearance section. Change this to 8. This will add 4 extra columns to the right of the page.

Finally, click and drag the social icons from their current position to one of the new columns. Do this individually for each icon. All your Icons should now be on the right of the page. You will also have 4 empty containers in the centre of the screen. These can just be ignored.

You will probably have to use a different layout for your other viewports. This may be easier to achieve by adding another bloc with icons centred (the default state), and make this bloc visible on all but the desktop variant of the site. You can then set the adjusted bloc to only show on the desktop version.

Alternatively, just add a second full width structure bloc beneath the social icons bloc. Select the row and increase the number of columns to 12. You can then drag the icons from the social bloc to your columns in your new bloc - place them at the left or the right. When you’re done, delete the original social icons bloc.

Hey thanks for the reply! well, that’s the option I choose before. Using the 4 centered social icons bloc.
Wow, I think it should be just simple, align to the right, done! but it’s like you have to do a lot just to move something simple like icons to right or left. Hopefully the Blocs App developers can fix this. Cheers!