Social media integration

I’ve just landed a job this morning to create two websites for a local company. It’s basically just a revamp of the existing websites with some improvements in navigation and styling.

I could definitely do these in Rapidweaver, but it seemed like a good project to gain some practice with Blocs and hopefully I can get some help here if needed. One request from the client was to add some further integration for social media, so I suggested I create them Twitter Card and Facebook Open Graph content. In Rapidweaver I know exactly how to do this, so that the images appear whenever the URL is typed in at Twitter or Facebook, but I wondered how this can be done in Blocs?

Foundation in Rapidweaver has a rather cool stack called SEO helper that is invisible on the page but allows you to fill in all sorts of information for structured data, along with twitter cards and all the rest. Something along these lines in Blocs would be really useful.

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You need to add the meta data manually in the page settings. Custom head/body code areas. Just use an online generator and then paste in the meta data in the head code area, I actualy did this today for Blocs website.

It’s very likely that I’ll add built in functions to handle this better in the future.