Softpress Freeway

I had an email last week to say that Softpress apps are available again. While the web design app Freeway is probably dead in the water, the site at does offer the standalone Chroma, which is excellent for choosing colours based on those in a picture.

It’s a cool little app for $10, but I’m sometimes perplexed by the choices it makes.

I like that you can save to a Color Picker palette in one step.

Kind of annoying that Blocs always opens the picker to RGB sliders (if you always work from a palette).

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I totally agree.

Not sure what you mean here, I may be able to improve this for you guys. I did just make some improvements to the picker in 2.4.2 build 2.

How would you like it to function when you open the picker?

Hey @Norm

To open to the tab that was last used… or even change its behavior from the kind of sheet style it is now to a floating palette.

… this could be one option.
Because now Blocs always opens the picker to RGB sliders

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Leave it with me. I’ll look into storing the state.


Just fixed this up @ScottinPollock, Blocs 2.4.2 build 3 will store the current picker and restore it when the picker is reopened :sunglasses:


Nice one. Next, hit ‘esc’ key to exit brick selector instead of bottom right to open and top left to close?
Just a thought :nerd_face:

Esc should close the bric library in 2.4.2


They were out of business for about half a year but recovered, albeit with a reduced staff. FW is alive and well. While FW has many advantages over competing WYSIWYG apps, it has some quirks and in a number of ways it is behind the times.

Many former FW users are now using Blocs.


Yep, I’m one of them!


Me too, thanx to Norms warm welcome and this great forum!

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