Solis 1.0.6 with Blocs 3.0.4

With the Blocs 3.0.4 update I now don’t see any navigation menus using Solis 1.0.6. The menus appear fine with preview mode as well as with Safari preview.

Anyone else have this issue?

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I’m seeing this with some devices, but not all. Definitely not right though. @Norm

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Seems to be working ok for me here using the Hero with Nav bar and sticky. Tested 3 tablets devices and some desktops too. Could be with a particular nav bar/option?

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Not there on iPad landscape

Fine on iPad portrait

Missing on desktop

Fine on both landscape and portrait iPhone, but 27" iMac is downright strange.

So they just don’t show at all??

Thats pretty much it, but actually I am seeing the same thing in Blocs 3.0.4.

EDIT: I want to check this on a few projects. Something seems strange.

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Strange, everything regarding Nav bar in Solis is working for me.

iPad Portrait

iPad Landscape


Seems to be OK following a restart of Blocs.


Could be why I never saw the issue, I rebooted my iMac after the install of 3.0.4.

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I rebooted my iMac and I still have the problem??

Not too sure then, close Blocs and Solis and then re-open them, not that it should make a difference after a reboot however, if its still not working, use this so Norm can take a look.

Make sure you include the project when you post your bug.

The problem seems to occur when I change the hamburger style from dropdown to sidebar. They display fine with dropdown and disappear when I change to sidebar. They disappear from the iMac 27 view and iPad portrait view but still shows on iPhone 8 portrait view.

Update. I tried several other projects and they all behave as above. Also, I submitted a bug report…

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I’ll test that out tomorrow and see what’s up!

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In case it helps you, @Norm tell you that in Blocs 2, similar things happened. There were some anomalies regarding the use of Solis.

I mean, maybe you did something in Blocs, it worked in Solis, but then in the web, no. As it happened with the theme of the hierarchy of menus in the view of mobile sidebar, in which we are working.