Solis keeps crashing

Hiya, I need help please. I am having an issue on with Solis on my MacBook Air 2020 that is running Monterey version 12.0.1. Every time I start it and select the blocs section it instantly crashes. There is no way I can get it to start. I have tried removing it from the machine and reinstalling it and same issue.

Solis is not yet supported by Monterey. An update will be available in the coming weeks.

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It crashed for me under Big Sur as well. I just checked the OS version in the crash report I sent you.


I had to turn off Broadcasting, so I cannot use it, even though I purchased it.

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay on this. We have just pushed an update (V1.0.8) to get Solis working with MacOS Monterey. The Bootstrap Frameworks (V4 & V5) have also been updated to the latest versions.


Sorry Norm,
I installed the update but Solis keeps crashing.
Using Blocs 4.4.1 with MacOS 12.1 beta3.
Happens with projects under BS4 and BS5.

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Is your Mac intel?

Also could you DM me the project file please?

I also started a new project for testing. Same.
Tried also with current version of Monterey (12.01). Same.

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Yes, it is.
MacMini 2018, 1TB SSD, 8GB Ram.

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Odd as with that setup it works fine for me.

How are you triggering the crash?

!. I opend Solis, then opend the project. Crash.
2. I opend the project, then Solis. Crash.

Found and fixed, it’s actually a bug with Blocs. Fix coming later today in next beta.

Same issue here as before. If I launch Solis from inside Blocs it crashes every time. This first happened under Big Sur and now under Monterey.

give Blocs 4.4.2 a spin with the new version of Solis, hopefully it addresses the issues.

It no longer crashes with 4.4.2, however I spotted an immediate bug. Solis is showing an open contact form by default when it should only be available after the toggle visibility button is clicked.

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could you share a screen shot of what you mean?

This is how it looks in Blocs, which is correct.

This is how it appears in Solis, revealing the contact form within the area that should be hidden unless you click the contact button.

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I didn’t read the forum before I purchased but can confirm. Keeps crashing.

Mac min M1 / OS Monterey

Yeah the issue is caused by Blocs. Blocs V4.4.2 addresses the issue. It’s currently available as a beta version here on the forum.

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