SOLVED: Can't create new classes in Blocs 4.1.1

Maybe I’m missing something really obvious here…

Trying to create a new class in the Class Manager.
I click the + sign, then give the new class a name (like “abc123”).
Click “Add Class”.
Absolutely nothing happens. Click 20 more times on “Add Class”. Nothing.
Trying to subclass the new class, same thing.
Pressing ESC on the keyboard makes the computer beep - not even possible to cancel using ESC??
Clicking “Cancel” closes the create class dialog.

So… what have I missed that’s stopping me from creating a new class?

Scroll to the end of the list.


Ohhh you gotta be kidding… that works.

That’s a solid workaround for a solid bug, I’d say, :slight_smile:


It should auto scroll I’ll check that!

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