[Solved] Duplicate page, dynamic area problem

Sorry but i have that problem.
I have duplicated a page two times, because i want two same page but in different language.
If i change the text in another language, it changes in the original page too.
I’ve tried to change the bloc ID in the copied page, but it change the id in the original in any case.
What is wrong?
Pls help me

Now i’ve tried to create a new page, not a duplicate, and some blocs of the home are repeating!!
Why if they are in the global area?
Why if it’s a new page?

The point in the global area is that the content in them appears on every page. Use them for nav and footers. All dynamic content should be placed in the dynamic area located in the center of the page. You can switch global areas off per page in the page settings.

Thank you very much.
I haven’t notice that, i don’t know how, almost the dynamic area goes inside the footer.
Strange but solved

I remember in the past, that you made on the left-side 3 different colors, to show the difference between global area and footer/header. Why this is removed? or do i miss something?

Its was often missed, so I replaced it with blue lines that physically separate the areas when in design mode.

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I’m using the trial version of the software and I’m very impressed. One question relevant to this thread however…I tried duplicating pages too…and noticed that the issue I ran into was that I was using a ‘hero’ section when I first created a new page. When duplicating pages, I could not do so in a way that didn’t link this image to other pages without ‘deselecting’ everything but the footer.

I think my problem was that the global area shown on top of the page only appears when you initially create the site. When you duplicate pages after that, I dont’ see a ‘global’ area on top…only a dynamic area.

I also noticed that when you create a ‘hero’ section, you have to do so from within the global area at top - which is what leads to me having dupes in other pages of my hero page…

Am I doing something wrong?


Global areas can be switched on and off per page, when you create a new page check that you have the relevant Global areas enabled in the sidebar options.

If you are struggling to work out why things are duplicating - check out these blue lines… once you’ve seen them, you won’t un-see them and that will be the end of your duplicating woes.

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