[solved] How to add local stored video?

Quick question. I have 100Gb hosting for website and I’m creating portfolio for my video work. Is there a way to add bunch of clips to the website (100-300 MB) stored on the server? Just to test this idea, I’ve added “gallery video” bloc, clicked on thumbnail, changed type in settings from youtube/vimeo to local remote. After that I opened asset manager but I can’t add any video file. Its says The image file (test1.MP4) is not optimised for the web, please take care to use images that are under 3MB in size to ensure optimal site loading and rendering performance.

You are better to use a dedicated video service - like Vimeo or youtube - for the hosting of large video files. Some info here, which is Wordpress specific but is still relevant…

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I think you may be doing something wrong. Did you just try dragging the video directly into the video placeholder? I’ve just put 8 full length movies into a video gallery and they all went in just fine.

If you already have the videos uploaded to your server, Go to the asset manager and add a HOSTED asset instead of a local one. You can then use the hosted asset in the video placeholder.