SOLVED: Styled buttons lose style after launching modal

I wonder if anyone has any ideas for a solution to this, or if I’m doing something wrong…

If you scroll down to the three images of people, then click the round “More” button, you will notice that as the modal opens the buttons loses it’s style. It then seems to regain it, then loses it again when you close the modal.

I have set the normal, hover and active states for the button.

Anyone any ideas?

Hey @SteveB,

If I remove the class “btn-style-none” off the button it stops that from happening.
Based on your style sheet it is stripping the padding. This bit…

	box-shadow: none;

That’s interesting, I wonder how that is getting applied, I’ve not knowingly added that class.

Class manager is not listing this class…

I could I guess overwrite the class to remove the padding but I’m more interested in discovering why it’s being added in the first place.

And thanks!

Edit: Worked it out (solution put here for anyone else having this issue).

In settings I’d selected “style-none” (see image attached) I did this as I assumed (ass, u, me etc.) that if I was applying a custom style I should remove the styles added in settings. Just putting this back to flat, or another option fixed things.

Thanks for the help on that one.

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