Some blocs become not editable

A lot of blocs become unavailable to edit, some of them get lost in layer tree.Restarting of blocs or mac not solving problem. Running latest Sierra update.

Cant create new blocs. Maybe they are created, but not appear anywhere. Also duplicating of some blocs not working.

Yikes! :scream:

What version of Blocs is this?

I’ve had the same issue(s) now and earlier, now in 3.4 Beta5. Some times it has worked to delete the blocs (in the edit window) and make new ones, but it has not helped every time.…

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Blocs 3.4 release

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Is it the latest beta? It may be because I compiled the software in Catalina. The OS is still in beta and may have caused some funky stuff in the compile.

I will compile build 6 in High Sierra as normal, check that build when it is live to see if it fixes the issue.

No, it was updated automatically via check update on release version.

Sometimes it happens when I duplicate bloc to another page, sometimes when finishing edit bloc and creating new one via plus button under bloc